Feeling the Pinch

Ok, it’s been a crazy midterm week – so here’s a fun photo to look at! (Which is worth at least a thousand words of posting right?) I know, cop out, cop out…BUT!  This is no random photo selection!  It features our very own blogger Amanda Kahn, who (fact) is celebrating her birthday today (hooray!), and (also fact) had to spend it taking a 4 hour population biology midterm (doh!).

Think you can caption this photo? Give it your best shot!

Happy birthday, Amanda, and watch out for those dissected tuna – they’ll getcha!

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2 Responses to Feeling the Pinch

  1. Bitten on her birthday says:

    Does fishing for tuna by hand, using my own finger as bait, count as a sustainable method of harvesting?


  2. geohazard says:

    I wonder if that’s what we all look like on the inside….hmm…


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