Sponge skyscrapers and love symbols

Amanda Kahn

Amanda Kahn

Check it out blog fans – Amanda is guest blogging today at the awesome Deep Sea News blog!  (Which is the place to get the lowdown on weird critters lurking in the darky deep.)

sentimental yet structurally sound

Euplectella: sentimental yet structurally sound

As part of the DSN countdown to Halloween, featuring the 27 coolest deep sea creatures (Why 27, you ask? “Because it’s 7 more than 20,” they reply), Amanda shines the spotlight on a deep sea sponge called Venus’s Flower Basket (Euplectella), a brainless but beautiful architectural marvel.

“Running transects across the abyssal plain is about as exciting as driving across Nevada…until you run across Euplectella,” Amanda writes. Click here to visit Deep Sea News and read the whole story – and find out why this sponge makes an excellent wedding present in Japan!

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3 Responses to Sponge skyscrapers and love symbols

  1. OMG! Your blog is just what I’ve been looking for! What I never knew I always wanted! I’m a ceramic artist that is unusually attracted to/ obsessed with deep sea creatures. I create most of my imagery by finding photos or scientific drawings of oceanic organisms and then altering the forms to suit my artistic impulses. I’m very excited about reading up on your team’s research and gaining more fuel for my artistic fire! I’ll have to post more of my under-water work for you to check out. Yea! Best to you all, Jules


  2. mlmlblog says:

    Great to hear from you Julie! We’re very excited to share our adventures with other marine enthusiasts. Hopefully we can provide you some inspiration out there in Ohio from our with revels with marine creatures of all sorts! (maybe a ceramic sponge is in order?) :) I look forward to checking out more of your work!

    Best, Erin Loury


  3. Einat says:

    Hi !! Im an architect student from Israel(so forgive my speling) :)
    I would love to get some more info about its actual structure I wanna build a model of it.and about the way it growes,what are the stages of building itself,and what are his adventeges consirning structural strength…
    I would love it if you could send some info to my e-mail so i can investigate some more.
    and one last thing,he builds himself upwards,and by that he is sortof saving space-he doesnt spread around-what is the reason for that?


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