Let them Eat Pie

A sweet victory for the winning pie!

A sweet victory for the winning pie! (photo: Laura Dippold)

National Pie Day is January 23rd (it’s true! honest!), but here at Moss Landing we operate on a, shall we say, more flexible calendar.   Pie lovers gathered from across the lab yesterday to observe this most solemn occasion with a lab-wide bake off, featuring pies ranging from the sweet of apples, blueberries and chocolate, to the savory of eggs, bacon and tamales.    Kudos to the judging committee for creating such creative prize categories to accomodate the potpourri  of entries, including “Most likely to raise your cholestorol” and “Most likely to taste better than it looks.”  Congrats to Zea Walton for her grand-prize winning lemon tart, that was also voted “Most Dreamy,” and to runner up Mike Gordon, whose blueberry pie was voted “Most likely to be made by a grandma.”

Hats off to National Pie Day!

Hats off to National Pie Day! (photo: Laura Dippold)

No marine organisms were harmed in the making or eating of these pies.

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2 Responses to Let them Eat Pie

  1. Rich Hauptly says:

    I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I don’t really have much to say in reply, I only wanted to comment to reply with wonderful work. luck in 2010.


  2. Shaw says:

    Very good post.


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