The gift of Science (magazine, that is)

We have copies of Science magazine looking for an educational home

We have past copies of Science looking for an educational home

Are you an educator that could benefit from copies of Science magazine in your classroom?  Many MLML graduate students currently receive free subscriptions of Science as part of the AAAS/Science Program for Excellence in Science.  It’s a great way for us to keep tabs on the latest developments, but the volume of weekly installments can become unwieldy after a few months.  We would love to pay the knowledge forward in support of education!  Please leave us a comment below if you are interested, and we will contact you to pass on copies of this esteemed publication.

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3 Responses to The gift of Science (magazine, that is)

  1. Deirdre Gonzales says:

    Hi! I teach Biology and Marine Science at North Montery County High School in Castroville. I would LOVE to have copies of “Science” to use in my classroom! Thank you!


  2. mlmlblog says:

    Great, Deirdre, we’ll be in touch! :)


  3. science says:

    Very nice post! What I like most about is the fact that you dont try to force your opinion on anyone. You just kind of lay the information out there and let people make their own decision… Keep it up yo!


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