Launching into the New Year 2010

Testing the water

Life as a graduate student can seem overwhelming.

by Nate Jones, Vertebrate Ecology Lab

We must constantly extend our gaze out from the familiar, into a void of unknowns – where to start? – which courses? – what research is relevant, yet approachable? – how will we find funding? – is our study design robust? – are the data sound? – which condiments in the student fridge have gone bad over winter break?

Seemingly heavy questions.

But we must remember that all endeavors start with an, idea, a hunch, a dream (or, an ultimatum?).  The best we can do is take stock of our knowledge, double-check our equipment, and jump into things.  We wouldn’t have made it this far in school if we weren’t fully capable… and more than a little crazy!

Here’s to a productive 2010 !!

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