Fishing for sea birds

Everyone knows how you catch a fish:   With a net, or with a pole, right?

NOAA ship Oscar Dyson, Bering Sea, 2010 (photo: N. Jones)

But, how do marine scientists manage to catch sea birds?  Can’t they just “fly away”?

Black-footed Albatross, NE Pacific; (photo: Bert Ashley)

Of course, most species can do just that!  So, how to get your hands on these shy creatures?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the birds just gathered in groups, like so many fishes do?

Fish aggregations recorded by echosounder

Wait …

Seabirds DO gather in groups – to nest at their breeding colonies,

Seabird colony on Buldir Island, Aleutians (photo: N. Jones)

… and sometimes at sea in large, drifting “rafts”!

Auklets (-Least, -Crested, -Parakeet), Buldir Island, Aleutians (photo: N. Jones)

…So, how to catch seabirds … hmmmm?

author Nate Jones, with a feathered friend

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  1. Danna Staaf says:

    Hah! I love the echosounder picture!


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