Baby, You’re a Firework

photo: K. Demes

Happy 2011!  We’re celebrating the new year with a bang – or, you might say, a photo explosion.  If you’ve been trolling the Drop-In lately, you’ll see we’ve ramped up the number of photos we’re posting: glimpses of field research, class experiences awesome sea creatures, and more.   It’s all part of our ambitious new goal to bring you a steady stream of fresh photos, dropping you in alongside us in the great watery world that is marine science at Moss Landing Marine Labs.  Between this journal of images and our more detailed blog stories, there’s bound to be something happening at the Drop-In, so make sure to check back often!

Today’s photo of a fish-eating anemone from Monterey Bay (the very same featured in our Drop-In banner!) exemplifies a potential resolution for the new year.  Greet the world with arms or tentacles wide open, and you’ll be ready when good things come your way.  Like that tasty shrimp or little fish passing by…

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