Have Your Skate and Eat it Too

photo: E. Loury

Here’s another incredible, edible, and ocean-themed creation by Ichthyology student and food artist extraordinaire, Diane Haas.  Baked in honor of Simon Brown’s recent thesis defense, the cake depicts Simon’s two study species – the Berring Skate (top) and the Aleutian Skate (bottom).  The differences between the two skates are small, but accurately rendered!   Since this was a thesis about diet, it’s only fitting that there should be some “prey items” for garnish. Check out some of Diane’s other masterpieces featuring sharks and rockfish!

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2 Responses to Have Your Skate and Eat it Too

  1. RK Henderson says:

    Great cake! Love the zoological accuracy. Living on the North Pacific coast, I’ve been skate fan since childhood. But hey, who hasn’t?

    Nice blog!

    RK Henderson

    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit


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