The Hallowed Halls of Science

(photo: B. Hooton)

The entrance to Moss Landing Marine Labs provides a warm welcome with its stunning ocean view.  It’s also a great reminder of our community creativity: the intertidal invertebrates adorning the pillars were all constructed by MLML staff, students and faculty.

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2 Responses to The Hallowed Halls of Science

  1. Katie says:

    Nice sentiment. However, those who live here have no idea this is going on. So, um, can we stop by anytime to have a personal tour of your place?


  2. erinloury says:

    Hi Katie, you are definitely free to drop by at our Open House coming up on April 30/May 1! You can arrange for public tours through Friends of MLML But you’ll only get a personal tour any time you want if you’re lucky enough to befriend an MLML tour guide! :)


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