A New Species, the Shoe Crab?

Littering leads to trash in the ocean!

As you may know, the water in our streets runs to the ocean.  After diving in Monterey Bay you begin to notice objects that do not belong in the water.  I have found car parts, floats, cans, bottles, plastic bags, Snow White birthday balloons, fishing rods, fishing line, fishing weights, dive flashlights, dive masks and snorkels –  even a SCUBA tank and a full set of gear resting on the ocean bottom in Santa Cruz.  We have come a long way from the mentality that the solution to pollution is dilution.  I would not want trash to end up in my backyard from visitors passing through.  Please remember to pack your trash and treat the ocean with respect.  She gives us so much in the way of food, from fish to algae, means of enjoyment, from surfing to boat rides, and a sunset that the East Coast has nothing on!

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