Going on a dry SCUBA dive?

Diving is a great form of transportation.

Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Marine Diving Technology program gives tours to SCUBA groups.  The ability to take a chamber ride and simulate the experience you would get if you got the bends, although with less panic, is a surreal one.

Increasing the pressure in the chamber.

The chamber ride takes you down to what would feel like 120 feet, which is 14.7 pounds per square inch for every 33 feet you go down, so you feel over 68 pounds per square inch.  As the air is pumped into the chamber the air becomes more dense inside and turns to fog, it looks just like water vapor in your shower.  So you are able to make a dive in a chamber without getting wet, the downside is there are not many fish, algae or invertebrates, well hopefully.

About to take a dive.

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