MLML Hosts First Fall 2011 MARINE Seminar

Yaqui River, Mexico. (photo: Tomas Castelazo)

by Diane Wyse, Physical Oceanography Lab

On Tuesday, Oct 4, MLML hosted the first Monterey Area Research Institution’s Network for Education (MARINE) event of the academic year.  Following a dinner and social reception catered by Moss Landing’s own Haute Enchilada, around 80 students, faculty, and researchers from seven area institutions enjoyed a seminar presented by Dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, Dr. Pam Matson.  Dr. Matson’s talk kicked off the MARINE Land-Sea Interaction seminar series with a discussion of an interdisciplinary case study focused on sustainability in Mexico’s Yaqui Valley through community involvement and an assessment of agricultural runoff into the Sea of Cortez.

MARINE is a collaborative effort of Monterey Bay area institutions, headed by the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University. The MARINE program encourages student leadership, provides networking opportunities and professional development, and promotes collaboration in addressing marine science research and policy concerns.  For a comprehensive list of upcoming seminars and events, please visit the Center for Ocean Solution’s MARINE page.  Remember, you can always find Moss Landing Marine Labs news, events, and seminar information at our homepage.

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