Boo who?

by Diane Wyse, Physical Oceanography Lab

With beautiful clear days, pumpkins cozying up to lab equipment, and excited exclamations about whale sightings emanating from lab and faculty offices alike, we are feeling the spirit of the season here at Moss!  Ok, that last part was a bit of a joke– as a new student at MLML, who saw humpback whales in the Monterey Bay for the first time just last week, it would seem like this is the season to see them so close.  Not only can we watch the marine life and check the swell from our desks during study breaks, but also, whales and a whole host of exciting marine life are spotted year round from the labs.

To welcome the season, if you dare, feast your eyes upon this critter with a ghoulish name, though rather endearing and fascinating characteristics.  Did you know the vampire squid may bite off its own arm tip to evade a predator?

Vampire squid. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With a less sinister name, though no less awesome features, meet this tiny octopod from our very own Monterey Bay!

Interested in learning more?  Check out the Encyclopedia of Life page on Vampyroteuthis infernalis. 

Pumped about unusual sea creatures and want to share with friends?  The Monterey Bay Aquarium invites you to share a free Halloween e-card.

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