Capture the King Tides!

An opportunity is quickly approaching for you to get involved in marine science.  All you have to do is pull out your camera and snap some pictures.

On January 20, 21 and 22, and February 6, 7, and 8 king tides will take place along our coast.  What’s a king tide?  A king tide is the one of the highest seasonal tides.  For example, on January 21st the high will be 6.3 feet and on February 7 it will be 5.8 feet.  The California King Tides Initiative is asking members of the public to help document these big tides, because they can help us visualize what rising waters along our California coasts might do in the future.

Blog creator and MLML alumna Erin Loury contemplates the future of Capitola's beaches during a 2011 king tide. (photo: Center for Ocean Solutions, Mike Fox)

When king tides coincide with big swell, they can have some impressive and damaging results.  You can see pictures from past king tides and learn more on the California King Tide Initiative home page.  So charge those camera batteries, and get ready to see science in action.  And remember, have fun and stay safe!

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