Faster, Higher, Smarter

2012 MLML Games a “Smashing Success”

By Diane Wyse, Physical Oceanography Lab

Photos by Gabriela Navas and Catherine Drake, Invertebrate Zoology and Molecular Ecology Lab

With the world’s attention turned to London for the next two weeks, we think it’s high time to share our version of friendly “athletic” competition – the MLML Lab Olympics!

At the end of the spring semester, Moss Landing student body officers hosted the sixth annual event.  Highlights of this year’s Lab Olympics include a sprint relay, pie-eating contest, trivia, and Ultimate Marine Scientist Challenge relay complete with blindfolded dive slate assembly and a Macrocystis kelp slide.

Assistant Dive Safety Officer and Phyckers team member Scott Gabara crushes the “Shark” Attack competition at dive slate assembly. The challenge tests competitors’ grace under pressure in blackout dive conditions. Competitors also learn to appreciate the merits of well-fitting attire.

Danger Zone team member Michelle exhibits good sportsmanship in support of fellow Danger Zoner Catherine during the shoot-n-slide leg of the relay.

Staff team competitor Rhett shows off his unique slide technique.

Competitors sprint to the finish in the anchor leg of the relay.

2012 MLML Games hosts Diane and Stephen break for the adoring paparazzi in front of the Macrocystis slide.

And the winners are…

Team Phyting Phyckers take the gold, but do they take all the glory?

Silver Medalists: “Shark” Attack

Bronze winners: Richard.  That really is their team name.

The parting shot.

The dog days of summer.
Moss Landing’s favorite poodle Bubba enjoys some ear scratches during a break in the action.

As our lab members train tirelessly for next year’s event, we wish all the Olympic athletes success in London!

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