They’re BACK!


If you have been holding off on going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium until the sea otter exhibit re-opens…Now is the time!  On Saturday, March 23rd the exhibit was once again opened for the public.  I was there – and the crowd went wild!  Actually, there might not have been a crowd…I was too happy to notice!


The animals that you will see in the aquarium are southern sea otters who were born in captivity or rescued from the wild, and deemed non-releasable for health or behavioral reasons.


There are five female otters on exhibit, some new and some old, and several of the otters are ready to serve as surrogate moms to rescued sea otter pups.


This surrogacy program is a part of S.O.R.A.C., the sea otter research and conservation program, which studies and rehabilitates these endangered mustelids (in the weasel family!) just behind the scenes at the aquarium.


Here at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories we have several students and recent graduates who have worked with S.O.R.A.C.  Come and talk sea otters with us at the MLML Open House!  April 21st and 22nd.

See you there, if I don’t catch you at the aquarium first!

*All photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website*

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