New Mixed Gas System for SCUBA Diving!

Our shipping container was delivered, John Douglas and James Cochran worked on placing it in its final resting spot.

We have been working hard on completing the new nitrox compressor system here at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.  This project is about 5 years in the making.  Our facilities group constructed new tank racks for up to 90 SCUBA cylinders and Nitrox Solutions has created the compressor system housed inside of a shipping container.  This new system will be quieter and have the ability to increase the percent oxygen in air by separating nitrogen out using a membrane.  Our new high pressure tanks can be filled to greater pressures and fit more cubic feet so divers can stay down longer.  These changes will help get students dive for longer periods, dive more in a day, and ideally more safely as we will have less total nitrogen in our tissues over the day compared to air.  Our 100 cubic foot tanks are filled with air that would fit into a box 4.64 feet x 4.64 feet x 4.64 feet, and can now fit into something you put on your back!

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