World Oceans Day 2013

Harbor Seal


Help create a wave of change this World Oceans Day!  Today is a day to spread the word about conservation and our responsibility of improving the health of the oceans.  To find out ways to celebrate go to  Your promise to the oceans could be to start using a reusable water bottle or bringing reusable grocery bags to the store.  We will have a large positive impact on the health of the oceans if each one of us reduces the amount of plastic we use.  You can read in this article about MBARI’s observations of trash in the deep sea.  Of 1100+ observations of garbage in Monterey Bay, 32% were plastic and 23% metal.  Our impacts were detected as deep as 13,000 feet and 300 miles offshore.  We need to reduce our reliance on single use items!  Celebrate in your own way to rise up and be the voice of the ocean!

Giant Kelp



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