Nitrox and Boat Dives – Wrapping Up MLML’s Fall Science Diving Course

By Heather Fulton-Bennett, Phycology Lab

MLML’s fall AAUS Science Diving course is coming to an end, and what better way finish than with a pair of boat dives from our own R/V John Martin.


The R/V John H. Martin from a diver’s view (Photo: Scott Gabara)

As part of the course, students get certified in Nitrox diving, a gas mix with a higher percentage of oxygen than normal air. This mix allows for longer bottom times and decreased surface intervals, which is a huge advantage for conducting research underwater.

Last week we were lucky enough to have our last dives of the semester in Carmel Bay, at Pescadero Wash Rock and outer Copper Roof House.


Kathryn along the Wash Rock wall (Photo: Diana Steller)


Marissa and Lindsay examine turf algae and benthic invertebrates (Photo: Scott Gabara)


Thanks to all who made it an amazing semester!

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