WSN 2015; another successful conference

Another spectacular Western Society of Naturalists conference came and went last month. For those of you who aren’t familiar, WSN is a fun-packed, scientific society that focuses on ecology, evolution, natural history, and marine biology. This year marked the 96th annual meeting which was held in Sacramento and had the largest turnout to date! It seems the attendance at WSN grows every year and it’s really not surprising.  The annual conference attracts scientists, not just from the west coast, but from all over the world. This year, there were even a few students all the way from New Zealand giving presentations. The conference is packed with like-minded individuals eager to learn and present new ideas.

The 2015 WSN logo created by Beth and Mary Lenz

This 3-day long conference incorporates a bunch of 15 minute presentations of researchers ranging from undergrads all the way to well esteemed scientists.  There are also themed symposiums in the mornings and workshops in the afternoons. This year’s theme for the student symposium was ‘Critical issues and innovative approaches in marine policy along the Northeast Pacific coast’ and “Global Change Marine Ecology” for the presidential symposium.

If you’re interested in attending WSN, next year’s 97th annual meeting will be right here in Monterey! 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the society itself so it’s sure to be quite an exciting conference. Mark your calendars for November 10th-13th 2016.

The conference isn’t just all science. WSNers know how important it is to work hard and play hard so after attending all these talks, what better place to mingle and unwind with a drink or 3 than the Monterey Bay Aquarium? This year’s Attitude Adjustment Hour (AAH) will be held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You won’t want to miss it! There’s also the infamous auction held every year to raise money for student travel funds. Thanks to all the participants, booze and aggressively….enthusiastic auctioneers, the 2015 auction raised over $1,500!

For those students concerned about traveling to Monterey, there are Student Travel Funds available to offset the cost of gas and lodging. There are also exciting student awards as incentive to present your ideas. Hope to see you all at next year’s WSN conference!

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