The Spirit of Moss Landing Marine Labs

By June ShresthaIchthyology Lab.

Watch this video to learn more about who we are, what makes MLML a first-class marine research institution, and discover the “spirit of MLML”!


About the video:

With the generous donations from our supporters, MLML produced this rich, inside look at the history of MLML, our Masters in Marine Science graduate program, our research and our close proximity to the  beautiful Monterey Bay Canyon and surrounding wetlands.  MLML is known for a hands-on, field-oriented approach which places our students, faculty, researchers and staff at the frontiers of marine science worldwide where discoveries are being made.  MLML provides the skills and training so students become successful scientists, teachers and resource managers serving societal needs involving marine issues.  

For more cool videos, check out the MLML Video Library!


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