Open House 2019 is this weekend!

By June ShresthaMLML Ichthyology Lab

Come out and join us for an interactive peek at MLML research during this two-day event! Taking place all weekend, this special occasion is a family favorite with educational attractions and activities geared for all ages, yummy food, and best of all – it’s FREE!

MLML_OH 2019

For more info and a schedule of events, check out our Open House website or continue reading below!

Lab Activities:

  • Ichthyology Lab (including Fisheries & Conservation Lab) Activities: Fishing & Fish ID Game, Fish Printing
  • Pacific Shark Research Center ActivitiesShark ID Game, Citizen Science: Spot a Basking Shark, Shark Origami!, Shark Artifacts
  • Invertebrate Ecology Lab Activities:Invertebrate touch tank
  • Benthic Ecology Lab Activities: Explore an Ice Hole, Native Wetland & Estuarine Plants, Specimen display
  • Vertebrate Ecology Lab ActivitiesLet’s Talk Killer Whales!, Adaptations Display, Coloring and Origami
  • Phycology Lab Activities: Seaweed Ice CreamGet in the (Intertidal) Zone, Diving in the Kelp Forest, Algae Up-Close & Personal
  • Biological Oceanography Lab ActivitiesPlankton under a Microscope, Design a Phytoplankton, Chromatography Bracelet Creation Station, Coloring, Make A Water Molecule Headband!
  • Chemical Oceanography Lab Activities: Benthic Flux Chambers
  • Physical Oceanography Lab Activities: Plot my Cruise, Internal Wave Station, Experience the Pressure of the Depths, Thermohaline Circulation, Wave Tank display
  • Geological Oceanography Lab ActivitiesCreate your own ROCK Candy! Identify that rock!, What is sand?, Class Project VideosMarine Sediment CoresHow do you categorize sediments?

Puppet Show, Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 PM & 3:00 PM

This year’s much anticipated Annual Puppet Show will be all about conservation! This year’s cast promises a show unlike any other that is full of adventure, educational songs, and of course, some fun and lovable PUPPETS!

Take a look at puppet shows from previous years here.

Talks & Tours Schedule 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

10:00 AM – Aquaculture Tour

10:30 AM – Seminar Talk: “Aquaculture – The Fastest-Growing Part of the Food Production Sector and Here to Stay” by Walan Chang

11:00 AM – Wetland Tour

11:00 AM – Seminar Talk: “Social Media & Marine Science” by Emily Pierce

11:30 AM – Seminar Talk: It Isn’t the Cheese: Seabirds, turtles and whales dining in Monterey Bay” by Jim Harvey

12:00 PM – Puppet Show

12:30 PM – MLML/MBARI Research Library Tour

12:30 PM – Seminar Talk: “Mercury Chemistry in the Ocean” by Kaitlin Bowman

1:00 PM – Aquaculture Tour

1:00 PM – Seminar Talk: “Getting to know your MPA” by Ann Bishop

1:30 PM – Seminar Talk: Society for Women in Marine Science” by Melinda Wheelock

2:00 PM – MLML/MBARI Research Library

2:00 PM – Seminar Talk: “Can we crack the code of dolphin communication? Exploring the fascinating world of killer whale and Risso’s dolphin communication” by Brijonnay Madrigal

2:30 PM – Seminar Talk: “Exploring a Submarine Canyon – Science, Technology, Outreach Oh My!” by Marcel Peliks and Miya Pavlock-McAuliffe

3:00 PM – Puppet Show

3:30 PM – Seminar Talk: “Monterey County’s Marine Mammal Stranding Network” by Shawn Hannah

4:00 PM – Seminar Talk: “Nutrient Enrichment in Elkhorn Slough” by Jacquie Chisholm


Sunday, April 28th, 2019

10:00 AM – Aquaculture Tour with Max Rintoul

10:30 AM – Seminar Talk: “Salinity in the Moro Cojo Slough: Implications for Restoration and management” by Sara Galindo and Maddy Luthard

11:00 AM – Wetland Tour with Ross Clark

11:00 AM – Seminar Talk: “Do fish pee? What’s in it?” by June Shrestha

11:30 AM – Seminar Talk: “The Whales of Monterey Bay” by Jim Harvey

12:00 PM – Puppet Show

12:30 PM – MLML/MBARI Research Library

12:30 PM –  Seminar Talk: “A look at the status of one of the most threatened orders of elasmobranchs: Shark-like batoids (Rhinopristiformes)” by Amber Reichert

1:00 PM –  Aquaculture Tour

1:00 PM – Seminar Talk: Katie Graves

1:30 PM – Seminar Talk: Commotion in the Ocean by Shelby Penn

2:00 PM – MLML/MBARI Research Library

2:00 PM – Seminar Talk: “Dune Restoration in Moss Landing by Cara Clark

2:30 PM – Seminar Talk: “Stick a Compostable Fork in It: Quitting our addiction to single-use plastics by Erika Delemarre

3:00 PM – Puppet Show

3:30 PM –  Seminar Talk: MLML Fieldwork in Baja California Sur: Kelp Aging and Morphology by Dan Gossard

4:00 PM – Seminar Talk: Blue-Water Diving at MLML: Diving Without a Bottom” by Diana Steller

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