About The Drop-In Blog

Have you ever wondered what being a marine biologist is really like? Well then you’re in the right place! Welcome to The Drop-In, a blog run by the students of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML). If you need to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us an email at socialmedia@mlml.calstate.edu. We’re excited you’re here and hope you’ll stay for a while!

Who are we and why are we blogging?

The Drop-In is maintained by MLML graduate students contributing on a volunteer basis. The blog represents our individual thoughts, opinions and experiences. Our goal in creating this site is to engage and provide resources for future marine scientists and marine science enthusiasts, especially high school and college students and educators. Check out our welcome post to learn more about the blog. 

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

MLML is a consortium of seven California State University campuses administered by San José State University. MLML administers the Masters of Science in Marine Science degree for these seven schools and offers research opportunities in all disciplines of marine science including marine ecology, the biology of marine plants, invertebrates, fishes, birds, turtles and mammals, oceanography, and marine geology, chemistry, and biogeochemistry.

MLML operates as a community. Our labs are home to about 100 graduate students, with about half coming from California, half from other states and just a few from other countries. An additional 20 undergraduates attend classes here. Our faculty members teach the majority of our courses. Thesis research opportunities and paid positions in research and teaching are available to students thorough our community of 9 faculty, 10 adjuncts, and 6 affiliated programs.

You can find more information about MLML on our lab website, including information about our graduate program requirements and our faculty.

Comments and Questions Policy

The Drop-In Blog is intended for the discussion of marine science and the life and happenings at a marine lab. While we encourage your comments, we do not wish to engage in political or otherwise heated debate on the blog. Our blog represents individual thoughts and opinions of members of the MLML community, who contribute on a volunteer basis. Please be respectful and play nice! All comments are subject to moderation, and any inflammatory, inappropriate or aggressive comments will not be posted.

We encourage your questions about marine organisms, what it’s like to be a marine scientist, and the graduate school experience. You can post your questions as comments on individual blog posts or email them to us at socialmedia@mlml.calstate.edu