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The Drop-In Blog has moved!

I am thrilled to announce that after over a decade on this free WordPress site, The Drop-In Blog has moved to a new location on the MLML Student Life website! This move will allow our blog to be better integrated … Continue reading

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Marine science snapshots: Fieldwork, wildlife, and community at Moss Landing Marine Labs

By Lauren Cooley, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab While working on the latest Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Annual Report, my friend and fellow MLML student employee Caroline Rodriguez collected a bunch of amazing photos from the Moss community. While she used … Continue reading

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Marine snow & climate change

By Annie Bodel, MLML Plankton Ecology and Biogeochemistry Lab Endings are Beginnings In a forest when something dies–a leaf, a plant, an animal– it likely settles onto the ground where it begins a process of decay and integration into the … Continue reading

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Grad school: pandemic edition

By Lauren Cooley, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab I think it’s safe to say that before the start of this year, no one could have possibly predicted the truly wild twists and turns of 2020- and the year isn’t even over … Continue reading

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How 4Ocean made recycling economically sustainable

By Kali Prescott, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab An estimated 5.25 trillion tons of plastic are currently adrift in the ocean having extensive deleterious effects on wildlife (Erikson et al., 2014).  Reduce, reuse, recycle has been the battle cry of environmentalists … Continue reading

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Shifting Foundations

By Acy Wood, MLML Phycology Lab When I was a child, I used to be mesmerized by seaweed swaying in the surf when I went tidepooling or kelp flowing back and forth in the currents at the aquarium. I loved … Continue reading

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Holly visits Cawthron!

Blog post from the MLML Environmental Biotechnology Lab Dr. Holly Bowers had an awesome experience as a visiting researcher at the Cawthron Institute in New Zealand in 2020! Although she has previously collaborated with some of their team, those relationships were … Continue reading

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The case of the sea lion: stranding events linked to domoic acid outbreaks

By Sophie Bernstein, MLML Ichthyology Lab When I moved to the Monterey Bay area for graduate school, I found myself most excited to be immersed in a new ecosystem. I couldn’t wait to learn about what the Monterey Bay was … Continue reading

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Science is creative, creativity is science

By Hannah Bruzzio, MLML Ichthyology Lab Growing up we often feel like we have to put ourselves in boxes. Being asked, “What’s your favorite subject?” and not being expected to have more than one. I liked science, knew I would … Continue reading

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What is a marine heat wave?

By Sierra Fullmer, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Lab Do you know what a marine heat wave is? Imagine being outside in the peak heat of summer, walking in what feels like a sea of heat. Heat waves, during which temperatures are … Continue reading

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