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Celebrating the Art in Seaweed Science

Ann Bishop    @annie_otter Phycology lab, graduate student Moss Landing Museum, curator     SCIENCE often brings to mind measured and exact descriptions. But, often the process of conducting science requires curiosity, creativity, and a willingness to take an experimental risk. … Continue reading

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Listen Up! Brings Marine Science to Monterey-Area Schools

This week’s post comes from Vertebrate Ecology student Bri Madrigal. Bri recently started her own K-12 outreach program called Listen Up! to get kids interested in science and teach about the importance of acoustics in the marine environment.   I … Continue reading

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Habitat Mapping: Marcel, Miya, & the Multibeam

Blog Post Authors: Miya Pavlock McAuliffe of the Physical Oceanography lab Marcel Peliks of the Geological Oceanography lab       As a part of our Habitat Mapping Class this semester we undertook the mission of learning the ins and … Continue reading

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Moss Landing Welcomes the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS)

Students here at Moss Landing Marine Labs recently founded a local chapter of the Society for Women in Marine Sciences (SWMS). While this group has been doing great work on the east coast for several years, we are excited to … Continue reading

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Who Are the People Who Run Towards the Stinky Beach Carcass?

  Sharon Hsu is a graduate student in our Vertebrate Ecology lab.     My initiation to the Stranding Network was by fire. Actually, by a 200-pound dead harbor seal that we had to drag up Spanish Bay and load … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Moss Landing Marine Labs

By June Shrestha, Ichthyology Lab. Watch this video to learn more about who we are, what makes MLML a first-class marine research institution, and discover the “spirit of MLML”!   About the video: With the generous donations from our supporters, MLML produced … Continue reading

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Aquacultural Methods for the Restoration of the Olympia Oyster ( Ostrea lurida) in Elkhorn Slough

  Post by guest blogger, Daniel Gossard, a graduate student in our Phycology Lab.   VIDEO CAPTION: A compound microscope shows an up close and personal view of one of the Oly larva. After some time having developed within the mantle … Continue reading

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