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Disentangling a Difficult Situation

This week’s story is a continuation of the MS211 Marine Mammals class series and comes to us from Bradley Wilkinson, a graduate student from San Jose State University. I had never seen so many whales before in my life. Standing … Continue reading

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Monterey is Expensive: The cost of disturbance

Guest post by Heather Barrett of the Vertebrate Ecology Lab. The crisp morning begins with stretches, a barrel role here and there, and one of the members breaking off to search for a crab breakfast. The raft bobs as the distant … Continue reading

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Exploring the beach: A gateway to science

  Guest post by Tyler Barnes of the Geological Oceanography Lab. To say that I was not intrigued by science as a teenager would be an enormous understatement. I despised science. I often attribute uninspired teaching and an inadequate education … Continue reading

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MLML Students at the Forefront of Marine Science: Will Fennie, Ichthyology Lab

Whether it be out in the field or inside the lab, conducting research is often what people imagine as the highlight of science. However, once that research is completed, then what? For many scientists, it’s the impact of their research that … Continue reading

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Finding the Pearls of Wisdom in a Sea of Scientific Misinformation

Trying to navigate the murky waters of credible marine science can leave knowledge-seekers feeling lost at sea. Like a beacon of light guiding seafarers, scientists at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) have been discussing their best on-line sources for accurate … Continue reading

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Stepping up to the Plate

When I originally conceived of this post 2 months ago I thought it would be a reflection of my experiences presenting my research at a major science conference for the first time. It has since morphed into something else. The … Continue reading

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Whalefest Wrap-up 2017

Last weekend marked the seventh annual Whalefest celebration in Monterey, California. From ocean mascots and graduate students to one very obedient pup named Obi, the outreach table for Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) was well staffed all weekend long. For a … Continue reading

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