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A Semester (and a Year) Down

By Amanda Heidt, Invertebrate Zoology Lab Funny story: I started writing this blog post a month ago, and then was so blindsided by the fury of end-of-semester squeeze that I’ve only now just gotten around to finishing it. Perhaps you … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all, and what better way to share the season with some festive themed marine animals and some information about them! Christmas Island Land Crab  (Gecarcoidea natalis)    This brightly colored land crab is found only on Christmas … Continue reading

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a bridge, some boats, and a boom!

By Catarina Pien, Pacific Shark Research Center One of the unique consequences of being a student at MLML is the opportunity to participate in research opportunities outside of the institution. Many alumni from MLML end up working at surrounding research … Continue reading

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Tales from the Field: Research at Catalina Island Part I

By Stephen Pang, Ichthyology Lab This past summer began like any good summer does…with a trip to my favorite taco stand. After driving south from Monterey, I had finally arrived in Los Angeles. Five hours of driving (and waking up far … Continue reading

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Halloween’s Most Festive Ocean Creatures!

  Vicky Vásquez is a graduate student with the Pacific Shark Research Center and serves as Deputy Director of the Ocean Research Foundation.     Just in time for All Hallow’s Eve here’s a line-up of the ocean’s most festive … Continue reading

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What’s in a Mermaid Purse? (Part 2)

In public Aquariums, you might had the privilege of viewing an embryo developing in its egg case watching it grow from a little alien-like body to a fully developed shark or skate. But, have you wondered how did the aquarists … Continue reading

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Tales from the Field in Antarctica: Post 5

  Dr. Valerie Loeb is an adjunct professor at Moss Landing Marine Labs. Currently, she functions as an independent Antarctic ecosystem research scientist collaborating with Jarrod Santora of UC Santa Cruz. In April, she headed out to sea with a … Continue reading

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