Marine Resources and Opportunities

On this page we’ve put together a collection of links to resources that we find helpful.

How to Become a Marine Scientist:

Want to study the ocean but don’t know where to start? These sites offer advice on education, careers, and skills for the would-be marine scientist.

Opportunities in Marine Science

Here are ways to get your feet wet in various programs that bring you up close and personal with the ocean and its creatures! Start exploring!

Resources for Marine Wildlife

Want to learn more about sea creatures?  Check out these links.


Other exciting experiences and opportunities:

Various Moss Landing students have participated in these programs and been involved in these organizations.


2 Responses to Marine Resources and Opportunities

  1. Cheers! says:

    If my kid wants to ask a question about designing a study, How can we talk to a biologist at the center in Moss Landing?


    • brynnhooton says:

      Hello! I’m very sorry we didn’t respond to your comment sooner. Sometimes, because so many of us manage the blog, we miss our much-appreciated comments. If you have any questions about designing a study, you can send them to Then we can direct them to the appropriate researcher. Good luck!


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