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June Shrestha, Ichthyology Lab

June Shrestha

Nearly every kid at some point wants to be a marine biologist; we’re just the ones that followed through!” Read more

“From the deepest depths to the mysteries held within –
it’s undeniable our oceans are a wonder to behold.
For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”

–E.E. Cummings

Jessica Jang, Pacific Shark Research Center


“Since I was child I was always interested in the oceans, it also helped that I was born in Hawaii, so I could not ignore the big blue wilderness even if I wanted to. When I was two, my parents moved to Seattle, and would take me to the Seattle Aquarium every week. They would spend countless hours with me wandering through the exhibits and noting the amazing creatures that call the ocean their home.” Read more

Melissa Nehmens, Pacific Shark Research Center

Melissa Nehmens“As I grew up going to the beaches in Northern California, I loved poking around the tide pools and I always wanted to know what the creatures that I saw were called. I think that is how it carried over into academics for me; I would use library time at school to research what I know now as anemones, sea urchins and sea stars. From there, I was hooked, I continually wanted to know more about the organisms within the ocean and the more I learned the deeper in love I fell with the whole idea of being a Marine Scientist. In high school I solidified that my love of the ocean could also be a career path for me. Since then I have had my sights set and here I am.” Read More