Michelle Baker

Michelle BakerHometown:  Sacramento, CA

Undergraduate education : Liberal Studies with a minor in Earth Systems Science and Policy, California State University Monterey Bay, 2009.

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, California Sate University Monterey Bay, 2011.

Work experience before MLML:

After graduating with my undergrad degree in 2009, I pursued my multiple subject teaching credentials. I have worked with Camp SEA lab building science curriculums for their summer day camps. I also worked closely with the Surfrider Foundation creating fun, interactive educational brochures for both adults and children regarding Marine Protected Areas in California.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue marine science?

A: I have dreamt about being a marine scientist since I was six years old.  I start reading marine biology text books at that time and knew that the ocean was where I wanted to be.  I am very passionate about the ocean-especially waves, tides and currents.

Q: What experiences and opportunities have shaped your path to get you where you are now?

A: At a young age, my parents took us to the beach every weekend and holiday.  My mother was a surfer and would teach me about the ocean waves and the different types of plants and animals that we found on the beach.  My parents would purchase marine science books and would always encourage me to dream big.  It was their support which shaped my path here.

Q: What are you studying and why is it interesting and important to you?

A: I am studying physical oceanography and have yet to pinpoint a thesis project.

Q: What are you hoping or planning to do when you finish?

A: I would love to teach marine science and possibly do some volunteer research work in the summer while away from the classroom.

Q: What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of graduate school?

A: The most rewarding aspect of graduate school is the endless possibilities.  There is so much to research.  The most challenging aspect of graduate school is finding funding to do the research.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to get in to marine science?

A: My advice would be to go for it.  If this is what interests you, then go for it.

Michelle works with a sea lion during a marine mammal training class at MLML's SLEWTHS


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