Will Fennie

Hometown:  Half Moon Bay, CA

Undergraduate education: B.S. Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Marine Biology at UC Davis 2009.

Work experience before MLML:

I worked in the Mouse Genetics Department at Genentech Inc., and I was an undergraduate student researcher in a Juvenille Salmon Bioenergetics Lab at UC Davis and in a Molecular Biology lab studying breast cancer.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue marine science?

A:  It has been a life long dream that I was determined to make a reality.

Q: What experiences and opportunities have shaped your path to get you where you are now? 

A:  I spent a summer session at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Lab and had a blast taking Marine Science courses and designing and presenting a research project. It was this experience that convinced me to pursue Marine Science at the graduate, and hopefully professional level. I spent two weeks last summer in Bahía de los Angeles, Baja California participating in a whale shark photo identification study where I had the chance to free dive with whale sharks in order to determine how many individual sharks frequented the bay. Also, I love Shark Week.

Q: What are you studying and why is it interesting and important to you?

A:  I am in the Ichthyology Lab trying to decide which fish species and what aspect about them I like best. Right now, its is a very tough question for me to answer. I like them all.

Q: What are you hoping or planning to do when you finish?

A:  Ultimately, I would like to continue researching questions and finding solutions to the major conservation issues surrounding our oceans and specifically our fish species. I’m still working on the details of this.


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