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Tales From the Field, Back to Baja: Three weeks in the Gulf of California.

  Although MLML has some great resources on campus, students also occasionally have opportunities to get out of central California and do some work in other areas. Some of you may remember my post about my time in the Gulf … Continue reading

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Algae growing on Algae!

If you have seen our blog before you may have stumbled across the mention of pink tumble weeds of the sea.  Rhodoliths are calcareous (like coral, or teeth) algae and form large beds of many pink, branchy, tumbleweed like individuals. … Continue reading

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That Doesn’t Look Like It Belongs in the Monterey Bay Aquarium…

That’s no sheephead!  It’s phycology student Paul Tompkins diving in the Monterey Bay Aquarium kelp forest tank.  Paul is keeping an eye on his lab-mates, who are surveying the algae in the tank for the Aquarium.  Stayed tuned in for … Continue reading

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A Method to Algae Madness… How to Measure Miniscule Growth

by Jasmine Ruvalcaba, Phycology Lab edited by Brynn Hooton We’ve all heard the giant kelp Macrocystis can grow up to one meter per day.  So, how do phycologists, people who study seaweeds, measure growth of different species of algae?  With … Continue reading

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