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Hydrothermal Vents: Earth’s Natural CO2 Bubbles

To continue the baja-palooza currently being celebrated on the blog, here are some Cortez Angelfish who were swimming together in southern Bahia Concepcion, Baja.  This site was particularly interesting because of a hydrothermal vent bubbling up carbon dioxide through the sediment.  It did not seem … Continue reading

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Algae growing on Algae!

If you have seen our blog before you may have stumbled across the mention of pink tumble weeds of the sea.  Rhodoliths are calcareous (like coral, or teeth) algae and form large beds of many pink, branchy, tumbleweed like individuals. … Continue reading

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A Tiny Horse in the Water

Some of the divers in MLML Baja Spring 2011’s class were fortunate enough to see a rare fish in Baja.  Out of the corner of my eye this fish was spotted – a Pacific Seahorse.  The females give birth and … Continue reading

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Travel in Style While in Baja

A good diving platform with a lot of room makes life much easier, especially when many people, all doing different things, are on board.  Moss Landing’s Baja Spring 2011 class had connections with people living in Bahia Concepcion and were … Continue reading

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Islands and Algae and More oh my!

The environment in Bahia Concepcion, Baja California Sur, Mexico is much different than that of Monterey Bay.  The swell cannot get to the islands because they are inside a large protected bay.  The islands have to deal with winds and … Continue reading

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