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Climate Change, Upwelling, and Our Deep Sea Canyon

By Catherine Drake, Invertebrate Zoology Lab One of the many great aspects about doing marine research in Monterey Bay is that there are many institutions in the area, all of which are interested in uncovering the unknown about our Pacific … Continue reading

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10 days at sea: Research Edition

Like the previous post mentioned, I went on a 10 day sea voyage with NOAA’s FRAMD (Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division) survey. This is annual survey that NOAA conducts during the summer to look at the fish community, by … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

By Melissa Nehmens This time of year offers the chance to provide a romanticized explanation of autumn on the central coast. I could explain how here at Moss Landing the weather is turning colder, the leaves are changing color, and … Continue reading

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World Oceans Day 2013

Help create a wave of change this World Oceans Day!  Today is a day to spread the word about conservation and our responsibility of improving the health of the oceans.  To find out ways to celebrate go to worldoceans.org.  Your promise … Continue reading

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The Stargazer Fish – a Pretty Name, If Not a Pretty Face

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab It might not be one of the the shiniest stars of the deep sea, but the stargazer fish certainly has some unique adaptations.  With eyes on top of its head (the source of that romantic … Continue reading

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What happens to whales after they die?

By Gillian Rhett, Invertebrate Zoology & Molecular Ecology Lab If you saw Nate’s post last month, you may have wondered: where does a whale carcass go?  Sometimes it will wash up on a beach, which is lucky for us because … Continue reading

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2010 Open House Puppet Show: Dora the Sperm Whale Explorer’s Deep-Sea Adventure

by Amanda Kahn, Invertebrate Zoology and Molecular Ecology Lab In April, MLML opened its doors to the public and we spent the weekend showcasing our research and teaching people about marine science.  We did this in a variety of ways: … Continue reading

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