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Good Vibrations: Constructing a Vibracore for Extreme Sediment Coring

By Catherine Drake, Invertebrate Zoology Lab A lot of people make bucket lists, such as the “before I turn 30” list or the classic “before I kick the bucket” list.  My personal bucket list, what I call the “self-sufficiency” list, … Continue reading

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Drop-In to MLML Open House: Like Sand Through Your Fingers

Open House is a great chance to take a hands-on approach to science. Geological Oceanography Lab student Briar Kitaguchi shows visitors how wind can sort sand grains by size by moving them different distances.  Ocean waves and currents can do … Continue reading

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Dishing up a Slice of Geologic Layer Cake

There’s history written in the mud of the ocean floor.  Geologic Oceanography professor Ivano Aiello and the Geologic Oceanography class examine a sediment core pulled from the depths of Monterey Bay.  Changes in the size and composition of sediments along … Continue reading

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Halt as We Ponder the Fault Over Yonder

Professor Ivano Aiello points out the nearby fault line during a Geological Oceanography class field trip.  The class makes many excursions to visit California’s unique geologic features, from Fremont Peak to faults in the backyard.

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But You Only See My Faults

It may be hard to believe, but that concrete canal is broken because the earth here actually moved.  The canal was built on a fault line, which makes it so easy to see the results of tectonic activity.  A student … Continue reading

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