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Is that a Jellyfish or Plastic Bag?

It’s clear, it’s blobby, and it floats in the ocean.  This photo of a moon jelly in Monterey Bay makes it easy to understand sea turtles’ confusion in mistaking plastic bags for their favorite snacks.   It’s a hard call … Continue reading

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No, That’s Not Alphabet Soup

It’s the catch from a midwater trawl.  The fishes you see are Myctophids, or different kinds of lanternfishes that live in the deepsea.  They have the amazing ability to produce light, or bioluminesce.  Also in this picture are many types … Continue reading

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Fried Egg Without the Cholesterol… Who Knew it Could Look So Good?

This incredible picture of an Egg Yolk, or Fried Egg Jelly was captured by MLML grad student Scott Gabara while diving for PISCO – the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans.  Scott was conducting subtidal fish transects in Bluefish … Continue reading

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Turtle Power: Paddling 12,000 miles across the Pacific

by Deasy Lontoh, Vertebrate Ecology Lab It usually takes me 17 to 20 hours to fly from San Francisco to Jakarta, Indonesia, which covers about 9,000 miles of distance. Most of my family members live in Indonesia and I come … Continue reading

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Vote for your favorite holiday marine creature!

The authors of The Drop-In are locked in the vice-grip of final tests, projects, papers, you name it, along with the rest of the MLML community.  But the holiday break is approaching as quickly as our wandering attention spans.  For … Continue reading

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Balloons are no party for marine wildlife

by Danielle Frechette, Vertebrate Ecology Lab Hi, my name is Danielle. I am a graduate student in the Vertebrate Ecology lab, and I need your help with a problem we are having in our ocean right here off the coast … Continue reading

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