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MLML Science Olympics?

May 28, 2011

One of the most challenging events during our MLML Lab olympics was the blind SCUBA slate assembly. Kenneth Coale and Gillian Rhett get advice from teammates on finding the hardware for the slates.

At Moss Landing Marine Lab we take our science seriously, well most of the year, but once a year we put on a lab wide olympic type competition among students, administration and faculty.  The events consist of relays with putting on rubber pants, blind SCUBA slate assembly, hula hoop sampling toss, pie eating and marine animal puzzle completion and human bowling.  The blind SCUBA slate setup is meant to simulate blackout conditions while diving, it’s a good thing the competitors dont have to use thick gloves as it would be much harder!  Our very own marine lab director, Kenneth Coale, was training for his next poor visibility dive in the picture above.  Our Dive Safety Officer, Diana Steller, uses a hula hoop to try to get the higher point marine animals in the sampling toss event.  The lab olympics are a great way to celebrate ending spring classes and get the lab together to have some competitive fun.

Our very own Dive Safety Officer, Diana Steller, uses the hula hoop sampling device to try to lasso some marine animals.


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