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MLML at the Marine Mammal Conference

By Jackie Lindsey, Vertebrate Ecology Lab This week marked the 21st Biennial conference of the Society of Marine Mammology (SMM) .  For any budding marine mammologist, this conference is a dream come true – many of the great authors and researchers that … Continue reading

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First Thoughts From a First Year

Amanda is a first-year graduate student working in the Invertebrate Zoology lab at MLML. She’s here to provide an insider’s opinion on the graduate process beginning with day one. You can follow Amanda on Instagram (@scatter_cushion) for more sciency goings-ons … Continue reading

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SCUBA, it’s to dive for!

Imagine you are a scientist about to begin researching the density of a type of Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens. Let’s pretend you have already spent hours and hours doing the background research necessary and now you are tasked with collecting the … Continue reading

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MPAs we’re diving today!

One of the great things about being a student at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories is going diving with your fellow students.  You get to see what they are studying and hopefully get some good karma or pay them back for … Continue reading

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The Success of Open House 2014

By Melissa Nehmens PSRC This past weekend, Moss Landing Marine Labs opened our doors and welcomed everyone to our annual Open House event. For those of you new to Moss Landing traditions (as I am as a first year student), … Continue reading

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Underwater Diversity

It is amazing how many different ways organisms can survive in the ocean.  One of the most interesting is the many different strategies to try to get food from the water (filled with phytoplankton, zooplankton and detritus (particles of decaying algae … Continue reading

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May the Flow Be With You!

By Scott Gabara, Phycology “Seaweed” Lab Circulating seawater systems are very important for marine laboratories as they need to keep organisms from the ocean alive and use the water to aid in conducting experiments.  We have recently had our Moss Landing … Continue reading

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Lights Out, Dives In

Recently the marine science diving class here at Moss Landing Marine Labs went down to Monterey’s Breakwater to conduct a sunset and night dive.  The first dive was to a rocky outcrop called the Metridium field.  The Metridium are white plumose … Continue reading

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World Oceans Day 2013

Help create a wave of change this World Oceans Day!  Today is a day to spread the word about conservation and our responsibility of improving the health of the oceans.  To find out ways to celebrate go to worldoceans.org.  Your promise … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a Curious Beachcomber

by Angela Szesciorka, Vertebrate Ecology Lab A few Sundays ago — Super Bowl Sunday, in fact — I took a three-hour walk along the beach at Fort Ord in Monterey, CA with Don Glasco, a systems engineer and former cartographer. This … Continue reading

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