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Invertebrate Spotlight: The East Pacific Red Octopus

By Catherine Drake, Invertebrate Zoology Lab The Marine Ecology class recently boarded the our research vessel the Point Sur for a trawling expedition. The plan for this field trip was to run three—one mid-water and two benthic—trawls. The benthic zone … Continue reading

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Happy Cephalopod Awareness Days!

by Diane Wyse, Physical Oceanography Lab “What was THAT?!”  I expressively gestured to my snorkel buddy, Alex.  A streak of bright green and pink that seemed to move too quickly for its blob-like shape darted through the beam of my dive light.  … Continue reading

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Happy Octopus Day from MLML: Eight-armed babies and fish octo-snacks

by Erin Loury, Icthyology Lab Put your tentacles up – it’s Cephalopod Awareness Days 2010, everyone!  Fellow marine scientist blogger Danna Staff (a cephalopod enthusiast and newly-minted Ph.D. from Hopkins Marine Station) is hosting this week’s festivities at her Cephalopodiatrist … Continue reading

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Eight-Legged Bundles of Joy

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab It’s a girl!  It’s a boy!  It’s 200 of each! The MLML aquarium room was asqueal with coos and baby talk last week – and that was just from the fawning grad students.  The brooding … Continue reading

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