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🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨: Stressed graduate student studies stressed fish

By Alora Yarbrough, MLML Ichthyology Lab What stresses you out? As a 24-year-old graduate student, I use the phrase “I’m stressed” at least once a day. I’m sure most readers can relate. Between classes, thesis deadlines, work, and rent, there … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath, and dive in with our new Vertebrate Ecologist!

Next semester, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories will welcome a new faculty member: Dr. Birgitte I. McDonald.  She is replacing Director Jim Harvey as the new head of the Vertebrate Ecology Lab.  Gitte agreed to answer a few questions about herself in … Continue reading

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Slice o’ Tuna – the Other Red Meat

If you slice into a tuna like we did in Ichthyology class, here is what you’ll see: a layer of red muscle sandwiched between white muscle (which looks pink in this photo).   The oxygen-rich red muscle helps tunas power through … Continue reading

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Slicing Tuna – But Not for Sushi, if I Were You

Though potentially a common sight in a sushi kitchen, these yellowfin tuna were collected for research, not eating.  The tuna arrived at an Ichthyology guest lecture in 2008 courtesy of fish physiologist Dr. Jeffery Graham from the Scripps Institute of … Continue reading

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