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Drop-In to MLML Open House: Come learn and sing with us!

April 10, 2011
The best part of the puppet show is the sciency songs!

If you come to Open House, be sure not to miss our puppet show, where we give popular songs a science twist!  Last year’s smash hits were “Chemoautotrophy” (sung to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”) and “Vertical Migration (sung to Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”).  You can watch last year’s puppet show on-line to get pumped up for the next one!

Come and Jam with us!

MLML Open House is Saturday, April 30 & Sunday, May 1.

Lab Safety is Better with Singing – and, of course, Puppets

November 27, 2009

Each week we’ll try to introduce you to some nifty resource for learning about science and the ocean, whether fundamental or just plain fun.   At MLML, our multi-talented students are puppetry and singing pros. Apparently theatre arts and science are not as uncommon a pairing as you might think  – enjoy the singing and puppetry exploits of students at UC Berkeley:

That bubbling incident in my undergrad organic chemistry class might have been avoided had my lab safety instructions been this fun…

The Open House Puppet Show!

May 29, 2008

One of the big hits of the our grad student-run open house is the puppet show.  Not only can these grad students do science, they can sing and dance!


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