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At the Business End of a Sea Turtle

by Deasy Lontoh, Vertebrate Ecology Lab Greetings from Papua! I’m back to study leatherback sea turtle reproduction for my thesis, this time for three and a half months. There are no hatcheries this year so I have to count turtle … Continue reading

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Squat Lobster Caviar

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab This bright white crustacean is a squat lobster pulled from the deep during a government fishing survey in southern California.  Squat lobsters aren’t actually lobsters at all (they’re more closely related to porcelain crabs and … Continue reading

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So Why Bother Studying Seaweeds, Anyway?

By Brynn Hooton-Kaufman, Phycology Lab I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months diving, tidepooling, and digging through rotting wrack on the beach in search of seaweeds.  Sometimes I get skunked, driven out by the swell, weather, … Continue reading

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Come Dive Along With Us at Catalina Island: Eggy Encounter

Diving in the marine reserve at Big Fisherman’s Cove near USC Wrigley Institute, diver Paul Tompkins observes squid eggs which span his entire view.  This does not happen often according to the people working and living at the Marine Science … Continue reading

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What’s in a Mermaid’s Purse?

Some lipstick, a hair brush…and oh look, a baby skate.  Colloquially known as “mermaid’s purses,” these structures are actually the egg cases of some sharks and skates.  The size of the one above, caught during a fish trawl survey,  is … Continue reading

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Whale Feeding and Breeding and Migrating – Oh My!

  By Casey Clark, Vertebrate Ecology Lab Each year, humpback whales migrate between their feeding areas in high-latitude places such as Alaska, California and Antarctica to their breeding areas in more tropical regions such as Mexico, Hawaii, Central America, and … Continue reading

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Happy Octopus Day from MLML: Eight-armed babies and fish octo-snacks

by Erin Loury, Icthyology Lab Put your tentacles up – it’s Cephalopod Awareness Days 2010, everyone!  Fellow marine scientist blogger Danna Staff (a cephalopod enthusiast and newly-minted Ph.D. from Hopkins Marine Station) is hosting this week’s festivities at her Cephalopodiatrist … Continue reading

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