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Kenji: Cruising with an ROV

 by Jackie Lindsey, Vertebrate Ecology Lab First year students at Moss Landing Marine Labs are encouraged to seize every opportunity to get involved in research.  That is just what Kenji Soto is doing (December 7th-23rd) as a volunteer on the Research … Continue reading

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Drop-In to MLML Open House: Take a SCINI Dip

Did you ever think that using a video game controller could be a useful scientific skill?  At Open House you can get the chance to pilot SCINI, a remotely operated vehicle.  SCINI stands for Submersible Capable of under-Ice Navigation and … Continue reading

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What happens to whales after they die?

By Gillian Rhett, Invertebrate Zoology & Molecular Ecology Lab If you saw Nate’s post last month, you may have wondered: where does a whale carcass go?  Sometimes it will wash up on a beach, which is lucky for us because … Continue reading

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Studying a Softball-sized Snail with a Pregnant Foot

By Kyle Reynolds, Benthic Ecology Lab Can you imagine being pregnant in your foot?  That’s just one of the fascinating things I discovered about the snail species I studied for my thesis.  I studied animals at hydrothermal vents (seafloor volcanoes) … Continue reading

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Discovering a New Species of Ghost Shark

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab Your mission, should you choose to accept it: describe a new species unknown to science.  That’s exactly the mission a few MLML students undertook last spring in a class on systematics.   Systematics is the study … Continue reading

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Follow Polar Explorers to the Antarctic

MLML benthic ecology researchers are off to Antarctica again this fall for another field season with their robot SCINI, which serves as a scientist’s eyes in dark, freezing waters under the Antarctic ice (click here to get the skinny on … Continue reading

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Get the skinny on SCINI, the under-ice robot

by Kyle Reynolds, Benthic Ecology Lab Under the ice of Antarctica, there is a virtually untapped, pristine world just waiting to be explored. For the past several years, Dr. Stacy Kim has made it her goal to explore this world … Continue reading

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A Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean

Editor’s Note: Graduate student Kyle Reynolds describes her experience in the South Pacific, where she participated in a 2006 research cruise to study organisms living on the hydrothermal vent system of the Lau Basin. by Kyle Reynolds, Benthic Ecology Lab … Continue reading

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