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Science Cafe March 31st: Coral Reef Restoration in Fiji

March 11, 2010

Sometimes corals need a lift - restoring a reef in Fiji.

If all of Mariah’s posts about diving in Fiji has you itching to visit a tropical coral reef, now is your chance!  Join us for a science cafe on Wednesday, March 31st to learn about the need to restore coral reefs in Fiji, and what actions are currently underway.

Our speakers include Dan Presser, the owner of FourWinds Travel, who has explored jungles from Borneo to Argentina to Africa. Recently, Dan began working on coral reef restoration in Fiji with Victor Bonito. Victor Bonito is a coral reef ecologist (M.S. Biology from the United States who has studied and explored reefs worldwide. Victor’s company, Reef Explorer Fiji Ltd., is based in the Fiji Islands with the mission to conserve Fiji’s natural and cultural resources through research and education.

Hope to see you at the Science Cafe!

Join us for:

Sasalu Tawamudu – an Integrated Community-Based Approach for Fijian Coral Reef Conservation

Wednesday, March 31st at 7 PM

8272 Moss Landing Road

Click here to download our Science Cafe flier.

Science Cafe Dec. 9: Mapping Wetlands in Central CA

December 7, 2009

Come learn how wetlands are characterized, monitored, and protected at this week's Science Cafe

It’s time for another steaming cup of science and discussion at the MLML Science Cafe!

Our speakers will be Ross Clark, Kevin O’Connor and Sierra Ryan of the Central Coast Wetland Group.

Come hear them describe the historical ecology of the the Central Coast, the State Wetland Monitoring Project, wetland restoration and planning, and the California Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands (affectionately known as CRAM).  Rather appropriate, with finals just around the corner…

Advancing the coordination of wetland science and management on the Central Coast

Wednesday, December 9th 7:00 PM

Moss Landing Marine Labs, 8272 Moss Landing Road

Life is a Science Cafe, old chum…

November 12, 2008

science-cafe-logo… so come to the Science Cafe!

Because tonight, November 12th at 7 pm, the Science Cafe at MLML (hosted by Friends of Moss Landing Marine Labs), features none other than – us!

That’s right, “The Drop-In” team is being turned loose in a public setting, and the result should be a fun exploration of this site’s many features, and a discussion about what you want to see on it.

Come join Erin Loury, Amanda Kahn and Nate Jones for a great evening of science, communication, and free food!

And we’re on the map – science cafes are springing up across the country, bringing you exciting science in a welcoming, conversational atmosphere.  Come grab a toasty warm piece of the action!

Click here to find a Science Cafe near you, including the one at Moss Landing Marine Labs!

We are part of a nation-wide movement. Click here to find a Science Cafe near you, including the one at Moss Landing Marine Labs!

Science Cafe: Laser-bots on the Beach

September 3, 2008

Infrared laser-scanning robots may sound like something straight out of Star Wars, but lucky top-notch scientists get to play with them too.  Come hear Professor Ivano Aiello of the Geological Oceanography Lab talk about how these cool tools can continuously monitor our shifting coastline of beaches and sea cliffs, capturing the effects of both pounding storms and sneaky erosion.  It’s free!

Friends of Moss Landing Marine Labs presents:

High Resolution Coastal Monitoring with Terrestrial Laser Scanning Robotics

Ivano Aiello

Ivano Aiello

by Ivano Aiello

Wednesday, September 10th, 7:00 p.m.

MLML Seminar Room

8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing CA

Come enjoy free refreshments and join the dialogue about some piping-hot science!  To download the event flier, click here. Did we mention it’s free?

The Friends of Moss Landing Marine Labs sponsor Science Cafes at MLML to engage the local community with science happening in their backyard.  Past Science Cafes at MLML have featured Dr. Lara Ferry-Graham, research faculty of Ichthyology at MLML,  Dr. Tierney Thys of Sea Studios Foundation, and David Maguire of Sea Stewards.


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