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The case of the sea lion: stranding events linked to domoic acid outbreaks

By Sophie Bernstein, MLML Ichthyology Lab When I moved to the Monterey Bay area for graduate school, I found myself most excited to be immersed in a new ecosystem. I couldn’t wait to learn about what the Monterey Bay was … Continue reading

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A Visit to Año Nuevo Island

by Angela Szesciorka, Vertebrate Ecology Lab In March the MS211 class (Ecology of Marine Turtles, Birds and Mammals) climbed onto a small inflatable boat, pointed offshore, and ran a half mile obstacle course through rocks, waves, and seals to Año Nuevo … Continue reading

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That’s MISTER Steller Sea Lion to You, Buddy

Meet Ralph.  He’s our resident stuffed Steller Sea Lion and general pinniped ambassador.  Facing off with this giant beast is just one of the many experiences that await tour visitors at Moss Landing Marine Labs.  Steller sea lions are largest … Continue reading

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