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Celebrating the art in seaweed science

By Ann Bishop MLML Phycology Lab, Graduate Student MLML Museum, Curator   SCIENCE often brings to mind measured and exact descriptions. But, often the process of conducting science requires curiosity, creativity, and a willingness to take an experimental risk. Qualities … Continue reading

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Beach Wrack: What is it and why is it here?

By Jarred Klosinski, Phycology Lab If you’re like me and take long walks on the beach, you may have noticed more mounds of algae along the shore. These mounds are called beach wrack and can contain kelps as well as … Continue reading

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Tidepooling Take Two

By Diane Wyse, Physical Oceanography Lab Earlier this week, three graduate student volunteers and I ventured to Bay View Academy in Monterey to talk with the fourth grade class about trophic levels and intertidal zonation.  I had the unique opportunity to lead … Continue reading

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Adventures in Phycology

by Heather Fulton-Bennett, Phycology Lab One of the best parts of classes at Moss Landing Marine Labs, are the field trips. The Biology of Seaweeds class makes numerous trips around the Monterey Bay area to examine different algal habitats and … Continue reading

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Fish Feeding Frenzy

In the southern California bight, the channel islands archipeligo sits in warm subtropical waters brought north along the coast from Mexico to the islands.  Toward the east, Santa Catalina Island supports many different fishes living in these warm waters.  On a … Continue reading

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Farming Underwater in Chile, South America

The Moss Landing Global Kelp Systems class was fortunate enough to dive in a kelp farm designed to grow Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera on lines.  The kelp farm had large kelp crabs which aggregated because the kelp is their preferred food, similar … Continue reading

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Stillwater Cove Thesis Work – algae bracelets

Stillwater Cove is one of the best studied kelp beds in the world.  Moss Landing Marine Lab’s very own Mike Fox is studying giant kelp growth in Stillwater.  The R/V John Martin took a group out to tag giant kelp in … Continue reading

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Drop-In to MLML Open House: Algae are Tasty and Fun!

During Open House, you can come on down to the Phycology Lab  (from phykos, meaning seaweed) and check out different red, green and brown algae.  Learn about agar and carrageenan, which are polysaccarides or carbohydrates that come from algae.  They … Continue reading

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So Why Bother Studying Seaweeds, Anyway?

By Brynn Hooton-Kaufman, Phycology Lab I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months diving, tidepooling, and digging through rotting wrack on the beach in search of seaweeds.  Sometimes I get skunked, driven out by the swell, weather, … Continue reading

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Our Backyard is Beautiful!

One of the best parts of Moss Landing Marine Labs is getting out into the field after learning in the classroom, and applying your knowledge outside.  We ask questions like, Why does this particular organism occur where it does?  You … Continue reading

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