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Understanding Early Diagenesis in the Monterey Bay

By Catherine Drake, Invertebrate Zoology Lab Sedimentation is the process by which particles sink and accumulate on the seafloor. Layers upon layers of these settled materials tell the story of the oceans and climate from which they originated. Alterations to these … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Different

by Angela Szesciorka, Vertebrate Ecology Lab Most of my posts tend to reflect my love of marine mammals, specifically the large, “charismatic whales” as they are oft referred to. But I wanted to tell you about one of my day jobs. … Continue reading

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Dishing up a Slice of Geologic Layer Cake

There’s history written in the mud of the ocean floor.  Geologic Oceanography professor Ivano Aiello and the Geologic Oceanography class examine a sediment core pulled from the depths of Monterey Bay.  Changes in the size and composition of sediments along … Continue reading

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