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A Backpack Made out of Snails

I would not be able to give ten of my friends a piggyback ride at once, but maybe I could if they were all very small.  This Black Turban Snail has to deal with a problem plaguing many slow moving … Continue reading

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Is That Something Scary on That Ptery?

Nope!  It’s just a snail from the genus Calliostoma.  This photo was taken by MLML undergraduate intern Sara Jeffries while on a dive at Monastery Beach.  The kelp is called Pterygophora californica, and can form a dense understory about a … Continue reading

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Studying a Softball-sized Snail with a Pregnant Foot

By Kyle Reynolds, Benthic Ecology Lab Can you imagine being pregnant in your foot?  That’s just one of the fascinating things I discovered about the snail species I studied for my thesis.  I studied animals at hydrothermal vents (seafloor volcanoes) … Continue reading

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A Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean

Editor’s Note: Graduate student Kyle Reynolds describes her experience in the South Pacific, where she participated in a 2006 research cruise to study organisms living on the hydrothermal vent system of the Lau Basin. by Kyle Reynolds, Benthic Ecology Lab … Continue reading

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