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Scuba Talk Now, Pirate’s Radio (KNRY 1240) features MLML Student Amanda Kahn

Get to bed early tonight because Sunday morning at 8:00, MLML student Amanda Kahn will be interviewed on Scuba Talk Now, Pirate’s Radio!  The interview will air on KNRY AM 1240, and will feature questions about some of the things … Continue reading

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Do sponges have the nerve to eat?

by Amanda Kahn, Invertebrate Zoology and Molecular Ecology Lab Hi again.  I received a few questions in my previous post that I would like to address in this post.  A user named doughnutfan asked three great questions about sponges. Q: … Continue reading

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Sponge skyscrapers and love symbols

Check it out blog fans – Amanda is guest blogging today at the awesome Deep Sea News blog!  (Which is the place to get the lowdown on weird critters lurking in the darky deep.) As part of the DSN countdown … Continue reading

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Animal, celebrity, or cake?

I’d like to introduce you to my favorite organism! I’m studying these critters for my thesis project, and I think they are one of the weirdest critters in the ocean. Let me explain why they’re so cool, first of all:

This organism lives in all places where there is water: bays, harbors, freshwater lakes, coastal environments, and the deep ocean. It eats microscopic particles out of the water, yet can grow so large, a person could fit inside of it! To find its microscopic food, it sifts through microscopic particles one by one, to find the edible bits with up to 95% efficiency! As if that’s not cool enough, this organism is the star of a popular cartoon, is present in many people’s homes, and has a delicious dessert named after it. Wow! Can you figure out what I’m talking about? Continue reading

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