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The Colors of Nature in Cancer Crabs and Stunning Sunsets

by Erin Loury, Ichthyology Lab This baby red rock crab (Cancer productus), only about an inch wide, still shows some of its bright patterning even after being digested in a gopher rockfish stomach.  Spending more hours than I’d care to … Continue reading

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Your Silhouette is Stunning

Cast a look back from whence you came – Moss Landing is an easy port to spot from the water because of its landmark smoke stacks.  Though residents may find them picturesque only at sunset, the stacks make navigation handy … Continue reading

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The Drop-In makes list of 100 Best Ocean Blogs

We’re famous!  Well, in certain circles anyway.  The folks at World’s Best 100 listed the Drop-In in their category “100 Best Blogs for Studying the Ocean.” We’re #16, and while no rhyme or reason is given for the rankings, that’s … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sunset in Stillwater Cove

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that many MLML grad students consider this location a place of work.  Countless thesis projects have taken place in Stillwater Cove in Carmel Bay, and on occasion, students catch a sunset as  beautiful as this … Continue reading

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